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Print: English

Society for Applied Anthropology News (Nov 2011) 
Visual Anthropology Review (May 2010) 
Mayu (Feb 2010) 
Visual Studies (Nov 2009) 
Latino Public Broadcasting Interview (Sept 2009) 
Living in Peru (Oct 2009) 
Inca Kids (Oct. 2008) 
OurWorld/World Learning (May 16, 2006) 
Chicago Reader (April 08) 
NY Times / All Movie Guide (March 08) 
Variety (March 08) 
GeenCine (Sept 07) 
Daily News, NY (Sept 07) 
Embassy of the United States, LIma (May 2007) 
New York Post/Tempo (Feb 2007) 
Our World (May 2006) 
American & Canadian Assoc. of Peru (Lima, Peru, July 2005) 
The Lowdown (San Mateo, CA, Oct 2004) 
The Lantern (Columbus, OH, Feb 2004) 
La Voz Hispana (Ohio, Feb 2004) 
Village Voice (New York City, Feb 2004) 
International Center (New York City, Feb 2003) 
Caledonian Record (St. Johnsbury, VT, Jan 2003) 
Minka (April 2005) 

Print: Spanish

La Alforja de Chuque | Julio Noriega (April 2010) 
Encandogente (Oct 2009) 
Letra Urbana (Oct 2008) 
Le journal des Reflets-Cinema (April 2009) French, pg. 5 (March 2009) 
El Sol (Chicago, April 2008) 
AP (Sept 2007) 
El Comercio (Lima, Peru, April 2007) 
El Comercio (Lima, Peru, April 2007) 
RPP (Peru, April 2007) 
Su Guia (New Jersey, Feb 2007) 
El Peruano (Lima, Peru, April 2007) 
Tiempo cover (Hartford, CT, May 2004) 
Caretas (Lima, Peru, Jan 2006) 
La Voz Hispana (Ohio, Feb 2004) 
Ayllu Times part 1 (NY & NJ, Oct 2003) 
Tiempo article (Hartford, CT, May 2004) 
Ayllu Times part 2 (NY & NJ, Oct 2003) 
La Razon (Lima, Peru, March 2003) 
Kordillera (Lima, Peru, Jan 2001) 
Andares / La Republica (Lima, Peru, Dec 2000) 


WABC (Ch. 7) “Viewpoint” talk show hosted by Ken Rosato (Nov 2009) 

This was to promote Soy Andina’s screening at the Long Island Latino Film Festival. 

WNBC: interview with reporter Lynda Baquero (Sept 2009) 

This interview was to promote Soy Andina’s TV premiere on Latino Public Broadcasting’s Voces series

Univision (Ch 41) : “Al despertar” morning news show (Sept 2007) 

An early morning interview promoting Soy Andina’s premiere at Lincoln Center. 

NY1 En EspaƱol: Film review show “Toma Uno” (Sep. 2007) 

Conversation with host/film critic Jeronimo Rodriguez

Fulanos and Menganos (Aug 2004) Canal 6, Peru Television

Cynthia and Mitch appeared as guests on this popular talk show. Cynthia’s in fine form, and Mitch’s Spanish is amusing. 

NY1 (June 9, 2005; 15 seconds) New York Television

A quick but delightful glimpse of Nelida dancing to promote her group’s show at the Riverside Church Family Arts Festival.

Latino USA (July 2005; 7 minutes) National Public Radio

Cynthia’s story as reported by reporter Reese Erlich, who titled the show “Peru’s Hip Hopper: how a young American discovered herself and the balance between American hip-hop and Peruvian folk music.” I think he captures her perfectly - really smart, honest, and very funny.

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