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Reactions to Mitch’s new project “New American Girls”

This is so exciting! BTW, I loved your pitch. Thing is, some folks may get the wrong idea from: 'please bare with me.'
- Laura B., producer (NYC)

This is so exciting! BTW, I loved your pitch. Thing is, some folks may get the wrong idea from: 'please bare with me.'
- Laura B., producer (NYC)

I'm a TV developer and documentary producer covering education and Latin subjects. Interested in your web series, and in collaborating..."
- Alex C., producer (Los Angeles)

"Estimado Mitchell! So grateful to God, that He inspired you to bring to the film field the reality of so many youngsters in this country, whose future depends on the approval of the Dream Act. Go for it! God knows these videos can make the difference in the lives of many. God's willing, you can count with me. Looking forward for future news. God Bless You!"
- Edith A.


"Great project. I know of kids who have been adversely affected because they were undocumented."

- Cassandra T.


"I sent your Dream Act project to all of my immigration contacts -- lawyers, activists etc...."

- Memory R., attorney (Kansas City)


"I love this new topic..and have some experience with it myself, related to a family I worked with from the DR...

- Hope J., cross-cultural dance (Vermont)


"Sounds excellent!"

Angela S., filmmaker (NYC) 


"Congrats Mitch! This looks exciting and important. Can't wait to see it! 

It's amazing you are making these films that really touch and affect a lot of people...and I commend the subjects who are coming forward (or who you're finding) since it must be a challenge to discuss these issues openly!"

- Charlotte V., film production/distribution (Bay Area)


"Felicitaciones, cuenta conmigo para difundir este nuevo documental te puedo conectar con la gente de WIC que es la Red Ecumenica de Washington que trabajan por el Dream Act. que bueno que estes de vuelta..." 

_ Araceli M., graphic designer (Washington, D.C.)


"Congratulations! It sounds terrific!"

- Mary L., publicist 



- Tanyluz S, filmmaker (NYC/Venezuela)


"Awesome newsletter!!!  Love it and can't wait to see!"

- Cynthia P., legendary dancer (NYC/Peru)


"Mitch, this sounds and looks good, just hope there are no reprisals to the personajes once they  go public and la migra knows who they are, abrazo"

- F.R., New Jersey


"Let me know if I can be of help! I think you will be targeting an excellent and understudied group of human beings...Women and girls whose voices are underrepresented and almost silent. There are a number of things in your project -- gender, voice representation, invisible citizens, untold stories, achievement in higher education like 'agaisnts all odds'"

 Miryam Y., Intercultural Bilingual Educator (NY, Lima) 


"Great story!"

Flavia F, filmmaker (NYC, Brazil)


"Congratulations!!! It'll be great! Count me in!"

- Junia Gail Imel, spiritual travel (Denver)                                                               


"This sounds really interesting and good for you highlighting this situation. I am happy to pledge right now..."

- Jenny M., theater producer (London)


"Your project fits my life story...I'm writing my book of memories as an inmigrant. Now I can't go back to New York because i lost my residence when I come back to lima for health reasons...I struggle a lot...It is so hard to be an immigrant. My green card is my prize, I will get it soon or later...I truly miss New York."

Gabriella P., dancer/actress (Peru/Brazil)


"This is a great project. So relevant. I'm a huge supporter of the Dream Act. Please keep me up on the project.

Leslie Y. communications (NYC)


"I'm teaching first-person narrative multimedia pieces at RIT in Rochester. I'm really interested in your project...I've been trying to find a young undocumented person for a project, so it was funny when I got your email. I have contacted a few groups, but I'm hoping you might have some suggestions. No matter what happens, it would be great to see if there is a way to get you up here to speak...I think the format you are using is innovative, it would be great for students to hear about your work..."

- Meredith D., photojournalist (Rochester)


"I'll be happy to send $ to help start it up! Also forwarded to a friend who's an excellent immigration lawyer and professor at NY Law School...

-Alysa N., filmmaker, architect (NYC)


"I'm spreading the word to my university colleagues, that you are doing good work with and for immigrants and indigenous communities, in and out of the States, someone who deserves our support..."

Karen T., visual anthropologist (Detroit)


"This is AWESOME, Mitch!! It sounds really great and exciting! Should I start distributing it and trying to raise money, or wait until the trailer is finished and the campaign officially starts?"

- Margaret E., educational anthropologist (Boulder, CO)




Posted via email from Mitchell Teplitsky


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